J. Huber


Terms of Refererence
H. Syrowatka
H.S. is appointed team leader for System Software and full OCS integration. His team will consist of

3 SE from Siemens and
2 SAR employees, to be trained to operate and maintain the OCS

The activities and responsibilities of H.S. in detail

- Team leader
- Follow up Munich-SSW Development, preparation of technical information for the teams in Johannesburg
- Clarify, study open SSW-problems
- Coordinate all SSW-activities in Johannesburg
- Development of


- Format Handlers
- Monitor connection
- CTC connection
- Installation, maintenance, error detection for all SSW Test versions
- Integration of SSW-Versions with USW-versions to self-containing OCS versions
- Training of SAR-staff
- Collection of full “know-how” from SSW-development in Munich
- Preparing the acceptance of SSW-software
- Preparing the acceptance test with SAR
- Full OCS-responsibility during the warranty period
The position and responsibility described above is one of the most important in the SAR project.